A clique for proud geeks: finally! Whether you are hunched over your computer all day coding, chatting online, designing web sites or curing a client's network problems, being geeky is your expertise. You do not necessarily have to be a computer geek to join. You can be full of useless information, watch Star Trek, listen to CFRB or have an undying love for Shakespeare or musicals; anything you feel gives you 'geek' status. This clique is meant to be fun, not elite. ( Read More )

"An intelligent, eccentric person with an interest in the perceptably useless and esoteric. A geek is not interested in the mainstream; their expertise is to be found in that which society scorns or misunderstands. They have many realms of interest, most of which coincide with computers or science fiction. The social life of a geek revolves around their particular interest or expertise, and they will organize gatherings based on their common interest. A geek is capable of normal socialization, but prefers the company of other geeks." - GeekSpeak

Last Updated: August 12, 2015.