1. You should fit some kind of criteria for being a 'geek.'

2. You must have a web site, unfortunately. This is a web clique.

3. I will not accept sites containing pornography (tasteful nudity is acceptable), illegal content (warez, hacking tips, etc.), or any form of hatred (homophobia, racism, etc.).

4. Please link back here with a text or image link before submitting. If you do not intend on putting the code on your page, please do not join. Why join if you do not intend to show off your membership? This is not simply free advertising.

5. When filling out the form: no long aliases, no shortforms like "B.J.," no initials. A first name or short alias is fine.

6. If your e-mail address or URL change, you must fill out the Edit form. Alternately, if the form does not work, e-mail me.