About Geek!

Ah, labels. We all hate labels but for some reason, "geek" has become one status we do not mind carrying. In fact, it has become rather complimentary. I consider myself a geek in many ways, and I found myself associating with many others who also felt they were geeks, so I was bored one night and decided to make a web clique to unite us all. Hence, Geek! was born. This clique opened on June 21st, 2002.

This clique is meant to be fun and not meant to offend or stereotype anyone. I really have no preference for what type of 'geek' you are; I am not an elitist. You can be a computer geek who is into writing software, programming or building your own computers. You can be a web geek who is into web/graphic design, coding, blogging, mailing lists, ot frequenting forums. You can be a literature geek who is obsessed with Shakespeare, poetry or reading. You can be a language geek who is heavily into being grammatically correct, learns a multitude of languages (Latin, anyone?), enjoys editing with the evil red pen, or takes pride in correcting your friends' sloppy English. You can be a drama geek into musicals, broadway and theatre. You can be a gamer geek into RPG, D&D, WoW or other online gaming. You can be a media geek who is obsessed with anime, Star Trek or attending Comic-Con. Or you can be all of the above and then some. The 'types' of geeks are endless these days, and as far as I am concerned, anyone should feel free to label themselves as such if they so please.

As I said, I am not fussy on what kind of geek you are. However, I do not want elitists applying here. This is not a contest. You are not more geek than someone else if your web site validates with W3C standards and their site does not. You are not a better geek if you use Mac or are running Unix as your OS. If you are one of 'those' people, this is not the place for you. That is not what this clique is about.